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Welcome to Lancashire Adult Learning's tutor homepage, your portal to access information and applications. From here, you now have access to your own official e-mail account so you can easily communicate with your colleagues. It will also provide links to other key service applications and information so that you can gain access to a range of service-related things in one place. We will use this portal as the primary means of communication with you and part of your contractual obligations will be to regularly check this page for announcements and to access your e-mail.


You will find pre-loaded distribution lists to enable you to communicate with your colleagues either as curriculum groups or as individuals. The e-mail facility will also enable you to communicate with your learners, if required. You are reminded that this is an official account and you are required to sign up to some acceptable use guidelines. You should find an email in your Inbox which contains a link to a Survey you are required to complete. The Acceptable Use guidelines can be found within Tutor Documents on the Team Site but, just in case, there is also a link below.


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Some useful links to get you going –


·         Email FAQs

·         Moodle

·         Service internet homepage

·         Acceptable use guidelines 


User support for e-mail

If you need help accessing your email you will find a link to the FAQ section on this above.  If this doesn't deal with your specific question you can access help during normal office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) by following this link to log your call, and a member of staff will pick up your enquiry and respond.